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Dane Blackwell | Chief Technology Officer at MyMobileCoverage

I have worked with Luis for over 3 years. He is professional, responsive to feedback and very efficient with his time. He has consistently produced elegant web designs, mobile app designs, corporate presentation materials and more. Most recently, Luis worked with us on an enclosure for a new hardware product. He handled everything from enclosure design to sourcing potential manufacturing. Luis is a very powerful resource.

Cory Hanson | Owner at Camel ADV Products Ltd.

Over the past few years I have used Luis make my somewhat obscure idea into a world class product. Although Luis is an intelligent, educated and skilled designer, I believe his greatest asset is his ability to read between the lines and figure out what I’m hoping to achieve with a product and give useful suggestions for improving it. I am able to tell him what the end game is and what perimeters I have to work within and he comes up with some amazing ideas. Luis has a quick turn around, great rates and incredible design skills. It is not an exaggeration when I say that I couldn’t have designed the products have without the help of Luis.

Chelsea Gibbons | Office professional with a passion for optimizing work environments to achieve higher productivity

I have had the privilege of working with Luis for just over 3 years and in that time he has been nothing short of extraordinary. His incredible attention to detail, vision, impressive UX/UI design skills, and the ability to always take complicated tasks head on have made him a valued asset to our company. Luis’ creative thinking, expertise, positive attitude and drive as our UX/UI Design Lead have made him an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional UX/UI designer.

Enric Durany | Project Manager / Product Owner / Ecommerce

I had the pleasure to work with Luis Berumen while he was working as an Art Director at NotOnlyWebs marketing agency based in Barcelona. The experience could not be more positive, as I admire his ability to handle big amount of work and methodology for task organization which gives him the capacity to manage large projects always ensuring the highest quality levels towards his clients. I also consider Luis a person particularly interested in being up to date regarding trends and current best practices, which, coupled with his high level of creativity takes him to achieve outstanding results in the work he does.

Justin Nowak | Entrepreneur | Social Selling Expert | Writer , LION

What else can I say, the guy just gets it done! He know how to work with people and get to the root of a problem, then solve it. He has a great attitude and an amazing work ethic. I would highly recommend Luis in the future as his talent level and attitude are top notch!