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Peotic Bank App

Peotic Bank App

Mobile App

Cashback offers module

An app that gives you money back

Peotic’s cashback offers module turns any bank app into a cashback app, which allows the user to find offers around him or to select from a list of merchants.  The user sees the available product based offers and links it to his card, claiming the cashback.

About this client:

Peotic empowers personalization of banking and commerce from end-to-end and building a personalized world at every touch point. We are inspired by data and our mission is to dramatically simplify accessing, exploring, and executing on data at a granular level – globally. 

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iOS Mobile App


Mobile app designed to protect and communicate workers


A lone worker is an individual working without close or direct supervision, that does not have visual or audible contact with another who can provide or call for assistance in the event of an emergency, injury or illness.

Strategy: Native iOS app
Methodology: Stakeholder interview, rapid iteration in waterfall development.
Tools: Adobe XD, Coogle, and Adobe Illustrator


The problem

According to recent legislation, employers must provide an effective communication system consisting of (a) radio communication, landline, cellular telephone or satellite communication, that includes regular contact with the employer or designate at intervals appropriate to the nature of the hazard.

Main features

The consumer version of this app needed a simplified set of features. It focuses on keeping track of the location of every individual member of the group. And in case of an accident, it alerts everyone in the group.

Roll out options

This infography illustrates the three possible workflows to add users and admin users to the system.


The following screens show the user flows: active panic mode, adding/editing a new geo-fence, seeing/editing user profile and user settings.


Click around, have some fun

About this client:

OnGuard LoneSafety is a comprehensive worker safety, monitoring and communication service that makes it easy to keep in touch with a workforce in defined groups, and addresses even the most rigorous lone worker legislative requirements.

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MyMobileCoverage App

MyMobileCoverage App

Mobile App for Android, iOS and BlackBerry


Display real mobile networks coverage and performance

With the increasing debate over Net Neutrality and its effects on consumers all around the world (not only in the U.S.A.), you might think that visualizing data like internet speed on your mobile phone or benchmarking multiple providers will provide concrete facts over this matters.

MyMobileCoverage is a mobile app that allows you to visualize your cell phone’s voice calls, service outages, data speed tests, RF signal strength, coverage map and test your wireless provider’s performance for free.

With this smartphone application you will be able to:

  • Map and view the exact locations of voice calls, failed calls and congestion spots
  • Analyze data on dropped and failed/blocked calls
  • Measure your data speeds with upload, download, and ping
  • View the live status of network signal strength and cell sites
  • Share coverage metrics with your operator to help them improve your coverage!

Compare, measure and display your real coverage against other users

This app provides information that helps you to visually compare Carriers and choose the best one in your area.

The app presents the information in a simple way, so you can have an informed opinion even if your knowledge about how cell phone technology and networks is limited.

Functions inside the app


You will be able to see your company’s local ranking, how many phone call you have made, how many calls have been dropped, failed or performed well.

Feedback & Surveys

A component of this app is giving the user the channels to express opinions about the service, report issues and being able to follow up areas to see any improvements.


With maps you will be able to visualize coverage overlays and different events registered by the app.  Coverage quality is displayed as a heatmap.

LTE Speed

Lost LTE

4G Speed

Lost 4G

3G Speed

Lost 3G

2G speed

Lost 2G

Dropped Call

Failed Call

Regular Call

Gain service


You can test real-time latency, download and upload speeds, and then compared it a carrier’s average.

About this client:

The MyMobileCoverage App enables crowd-sourced data collection with network performance metrics, coverage overlays, and an issue-reporting mechanism for the end-user.

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Fotobom App

Fotobom App

Redesign for Mobile App for iOS Devices

Fotobom App

App for Social Photo Edition

Redesign of log-in flow

Optimized interface to view different streams of photos

Problem reporting

Sadly this app could be used for bulling, sharing unappropriated material, and misrepresent people. In order to early detect this kind of problems and ensure the app was only used by the right people, Fotobom included a system to report photos, block users and delete post from public feed.

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Osprey Reach Mobile App

Osprey Reach Mobile App

Mobile App for Android Devices

Osprey Reach App

Industrial Equipment Inventory App

The workflow of the systems is very simple.  A employee of the company in a remote warehouse is asked to install the app on his smart phone.  Then he proceeds to take photographs of the equipment he has on the site.  The photograph is loaded to the server with its geolocation.  The user fills a small form describing the equipment and its status.  The equipment is matched or loaded into the system and a code bar/NFC tag is placed on the equipment.  If this assets is later on removed form the premises, under repairs or sold, the user updates its new status from the phone.

About this project:

Sometimes is hard to believe that big companies sometimes do not know where their very expensive equipment is since they do not have modern system to keep track of their assets and describe its current state.

Osprey informatics developed this android app to solve this problem and integrate it with his Osprey Reach platform.

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