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Case study

Sens-Net Emergency Response Web App

24/7 Lone work support

Sens-Net Emergency Response System

The system has been designed to monitor employee safety 24 hours a day though the use of mainstream and specialized ruggedized mobile devices.

The problem… for lone workers risk is an everyday concern

It’s a fact of life for thousands of workers in the oil and gas industry that remote workers will be driving hundreds of miles weekly on back roads in rural areas to work in hazardous areas with dangerous equipment like pump jacks. Intrinsic risks are always present and even when risk assessment, training, and best practices are a high priority for companies, there is a real ever-present possibility that some :

  • Work-related accidents
  • Sudden illnesses
  • Violence, threats or abuse from intruders
  • Driving-related incidents
  • Unexpected isolation because of weather conditions, natural disasters or mechanical failure

Understanding the user (Power story)

System workflow

This is a simple diagram to show how the overall system works.

Designed for ruggedized devices

Lone workers in hazardous locations need to use special devices for the same reason that you are not allowed to use your cell phone at a gas station, a simple device could create a spark that might cause an explosion. 


Complete workflow of the user interface of the Android app.

These screens show different tasks the user needs to perform during the usage of the app.

Check-in states description

The application has four main states: panic mode, man-down alert, hazardous location, and checked in.


About this client:

Sens-Net is a provider of reliable and customized wireless communications and software solutions to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Timber and Heavy Industrial sectors in Western Canada.

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