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Online Tool for Printing on Demand

About this project:

Photolife 2.0 was a printing on demand system that allowed the user to create catalogs, posters, framed pictures, etc.

In 2006 the idea of online printing was completely ground breaking, not only we had to deal with the new idea of sending over personal photos over internet, we had to go against high resolution files in slow internet connections, and rudimentary online payment methods. This project was developed while I was part of NotOnlyWebs in Barcelona Spain.

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Photolife 2.0 had to be install in as an application in Windows. After the installation the user click on the desktop icon and had a start screen showing different options like special offers, saved projects or starting one new from scratch.

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The software guide you a special form where the user could choose the kind of project he wants to work on, how many pages and finished so he would have an overall estimate before starting to work on it.

Photolife had a limited amount of layouts and it considered the possibility to include up to four images per page. We set up this guidelines to simplify the amount of options to the user and make the system fast and light enough so the overall experience would not require big amounts of memory and hard drive space.

The system included a library of swatches and textures to choose from.

This is the work where the user just had to drag and drop images in the selected area, placed predefined layouts and fill areas with text.

The user could display a dropdown menu for specific options related to the area selected. For example, if you selected a page, you could include more pages, change its order, delete it, etc.

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