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Osprey Reach App

Industrial Equipment Inventory App

The workflow of the systems is very simple.  A employee of the company in a remote warehouse is asked to install the app on his smart phone.  Then he proceeds to take photographs of the equipment he has on the site.  The photograph is loaded to the server with its geolocation.  The user fills a small form describing the equipment and its status.  The equipment is matched or loaded into the system and a code bar/NFC tag is placed on the equipment.  If this assets is later on removed form the premises, under repairs or sold, the user updates its new status from the phone.

About this project:

Sometimes is hard to believe that big companies sometimes do not know where their very expensive equipment is since they do not have modern system to keep track of their assets and describe its current state.

Osprey informatics developed this android app to solve this problem and integrate it with his Osprey Reach platform.

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