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iOS Mobile App


Mobile app designed to protect and communicate workers


A lone worker is an individual working without close or direct supervision, that does not have visual or audible contact with another who can provide or call for assistance in the event of an emergency, injury or illness.

Strategy: Native iOS app
Methodology: Stakeholder interview, rapid iteration in waterfall development.
Tools: Adobe XD, Coogle, and Adobe Illustrator


The problem

According to recent legislation, employers must provide an effective communication system consisting of (a) radio communication, landline, cellular telephone or satellite communication, that includes regular contact with the employer or designate at intervals appropriate to the nature of the hazard.

Main features

The consumer version of this app needed a simplified set of features. It focuses on keeping track of the location of every individual member of the group. And in case of an accident, it alerts everyone in the group.

Roll out options

This infography illustrates the three possible workflows to add users and admin users to the system.


The following screens show the user flows: active panic mode, adding/editing a new geo-fence, seeing/editing user profile and user settings.


Click around, have some fun

About this client:

OnGuard LoneSafety is a comprehensive worker safety, monitoring and communication service that makes it easy to keep in touch with a workforce in defined groups, and addresses even the most rigorous lone worker legislative requirements.

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