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Next-generation Digital Personal Assistant

MYLE TAP is a touch-activated wearable. It is voice recorder that helps you take notes and launch applications on the go. Tap and say your thought and it will memorize it and take care of the rest.
Watch this video to see it in action.

How the MYLE works

1. Capture Thoughts

Tap and speak. The MYLE wearable instantly captures your notes, all without a phone or computer, at any place and time. Audio, text, GPS location and time-stamp are all captured.

2. Sync and Textualize

As soon as MYLE device is in Bluetooth range, notes are automatically synced with the phone and cloud, converted to text, then advanced algorithms analyze and categorize them…

3. Organize and Fulfill

…to automatically organize and fulfill in your software systems, cloud platforms or smartphone applications. Artificial Intelligence can further process the collected data.

The MYLE team developed the Myle Store, which allows download integrations specifically designer for popular apps like Evernote, Slack or Twitter. It also counts with specifically designed apps for the MYLE, like My.Toughts, Calory Counter or Calendar, that take full advantage of the hardware can do.

About this client:

MYLE Electronics Corp. is creating a new generation of wearable electronic hardware and software designed to make people’s lives easier.

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