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Mobile App for Android, iOS and BlackBerry


Display real mobile networks coverage and performance

With the increasing debate over Net Neutrality and its effects on consumers all around the world (not only in the U.S.A.), you might think that visualizing data like internet speed on your mobile phone or benchmarking multiple providers will provide concrete facts over this matters.

MyMobileCoverage is a mobile app that allows you to visualize your cell phone’s voice calls, service outages, data speed tests, RF signal strength, coverage map and test your wireless provider’s performance for free.

With this smartphone application you will be able to:

  • Map and view the exact locations of voice calls, failed calls and congestion spots
  • Analyze data on dropped and failed/blocked calls
  • Measure your data speeds with upload, download, and ping
  • View the live status of network signal strength and cell sites
  • Share coverage metrics with your operator to help them improve your coverage!

Compare, measure and display your real coverage against other users

This app provides information that helps you to visually compare Carriers and choose the best one in your area.

The app presents the information in a simple way, so you can have an informed opinion even if your knowledge about how cell phone technology and networks is limited.

Functions inside the app


You will be able to see your company’s local ranking, how many phone call you have made, how many calls have been dropped, failed or performed well.

Feedback & Surveys

A component of this app is giving the user the channels to express opinions about the service, report issues and being able to follow up areas to see any improvements.


With maps you will be able to visualize coverage overlays and different events registered by the app.  Coverage quality is displayed as a heatmap.

LTE Speed

Lost LTE

4G Speed

Lost 4G

3G Speed

Lost 3G

2G speed

Lost 2G

Dropped Call

Failed Call

Regular Call

Gain service


You can test real-time latency, download and upload speeds, and then compared it a carrier’s average.

About this client:

The MyMobileCoverage App enables crowd-sourced data collection with network performance metrics, coverage overlays, and an issue-reporting mechanism for the end-user.

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