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Mobile App for Android, iOS and BlackBerry


App to display real mobile networks coverage and performance

About this project:

The MyMobileCoverage App enables crowd-sourced data collection with network performance metrics, coverage overlays, and an issue-reporting mechanism for the end-user.

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With this smartphone application you will be able to:

  • Map and view the exact locations of voice calls, failed calls and congestion spots
  • Analyze data on dropped and failed/blocked calls
  • Measure your data speeds with upload, download, and ping
  • View the live status of network signal strength and cell sites
  • Share coverage metrics with your operator to help them improve your coverage!

The MyMobileCoverage App allows you to visualize your cell phone’s voice calls, service outages, data speed tests, RF signal strength, coverage map and test your wireless provider’s performance.

What sets MyMobileCoverage℠ apart from other coverage applications is that we measure and display real coverage from real users, one user at a time and we never interpolate data.

By providing new visualization tools, this app helps wireless providers to improve your mobile experience.

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