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Smart energy saving system

About this client:

Iflo allows you to have a better control of how much your business, industrial facility and home spends on electricity. Now saving money and being more energy efficient is could be done from any cellphone or computer with internet connection.

Iflo helps you to find patters in consumption of electricity, allowing you to make decisions accordingly. One example would be to consider the time the sun will set during the next year and programing the system so the light at the front of the house will be turn on exactly at the moment there is no more sun light and to turn off next morning with the first rays of light.

Old Interface vs Redesigned Interface

Iflo helps you to estimate the total consumption of electricity and the way it was used in different areas.  At the same time it can shut down an area where energy is not needed, preventing the “vampire power waste”.  Every single electronic device connected to an output consumes energy, does not matter if it is turn off.   Experts estimate that standby energy drain accounts for anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of an average home’s annual power usage.

The obvious answer is unplugging items when they’re not in use, but that’s not always feasible: a DVR that isn’t plugged in won’t record your favorite show in your absence. And nobody wants the hassle of plugging and unplugging a dozen devices several times a day.

Iflo offers the possibility to shut down or reconnect the energy at will, it even gives the option to lock the energy supply of this areas with two levels of security.  The first one requires confirmation from the user, so this area will not be disconnect or connected by mistake, and the second is password protected, so the user cannot chance the state of the tab if that person is not autorize to do it

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