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About me,

My passion is creating value, reducing complexity and making users’ life simpler.
I approach every project as an opportunity to innovate, bringing interdisciplinary techniques, fact-based approach and analytic methods to every project. I have plenty of experience collaborating and leading multicultural teams.
I am driven by Design thinking and User Centred Design. I acquired a strong background in management and decision-making. 
Calgary is my home, it is a city redesigning itself.

Work Experience

Years of Experience

My last six years of proffessional life

  1. Oct 2017UX Trainer for The Knowledge Academy (Contract)
  2. May 2016UX Design lead for DocBoss
  3. Jul 2015Senior UX Designer for Oildex
  4. Mar 2015UX Designer III for ADP
  5. Aug 2013UX/UI Design Lead for MyMobileCoverage
  6. Sep 2011Founded Berumen Design



Bachelors Degree in Integral Design *

Master Degree


Master and Bachelors Degree

  1. May 2006 Master Degree in Product Development
    ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona

    Postgraduate programs in Product Development and Product Conceptualization

  2. Dec 2002 Bachelor Degree in Integral Design
    Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente
    Earned Lectio Brevis Award for “Best Student of His Career Generation”


  1. Jan 2018 Human-Computer Interaction (Top 10% Distinction)
    Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)
  2. Dec 2017 The Psychology of Online Sales (Top 10% Distinction)
    Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)
  3. Dec 2017 User Research — Methods and Best Practices (Top 10% Distinction)
    Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)
  4. Nov 2017 How to Create Intuitive Products by Imitating Physicality (Top 10% Distinction)
    Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)
  5. May 2017 Advanced Google Analytics
  6. Nov 2017 Google Analytics for Beginners
  7. Jan 2017 Design Thinking for Innovation
    University of Virginia on Coursera
  8. Jan 2018 Software Product Management Capstone
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  9. May 2016 Software Product Management Specialization
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  10. Mar 2016 Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  11. Feb 2016 Agile Planning for Software Products
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  12. Dec 2015 Client Needs and Software Requirements
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  13. Oct 2015 Introduction to Software Product Management
    University of Alberta on Coursera
  14. Mar 2012 Photoshop CS6 New Features
  15. Mar 2012 Infographics: Planning and Wireframing
  16. Feb 2012 User Experience Done Right
    Habanero Consulting Group
  17. Mar 2011 Certified SolidWorks Associate Examination – (CSWA)
    Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation