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Hi, I am Luis!

As a UX designer, my mission is turning complexity into evocative experiences.

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Wearables | Mobile App | Desktop app


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About me

I am a UX Designer with almost 17 years of professional design experience in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

During this time, I had the pleasure to work for small organizations, start-ups, transnational companies, and governments, during which I completed a wide variety of assignments for companies such as Kodak de Mexico, Panasonic Europe, Mountain Crest Brewing Co., Hp Spain, Daewoo Spain, and Sprint.

I tackle each and every challenge with an innovative approach, which is complemented by my complete vision of the interdisciplinary design, analytic methodology, and ability to collaborate with and lead multicultural teams.

Furthermore, I have acquired a strong background in management and decision making through my time as a business owner. This experience provides me a unique and different perspective on daily functions as I maintain my passion for creating value.


Luis Berumen
1 403 808 8997
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About confidentiality:

I take pride in being great at keeping secrets, if you think your idea needs to be protected before contacting me, please send me your non-disclosure agreement or ask for a template. I want you to be confident that your idea is in good hand from the very begining.